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No dance experience required.

Experience the BarreBellas™ difference. Do not be lost in the herd, try our small intimate classes of up to 8 people. Let our instructors keep a close eye on your progress thru out the class.

Set to upbeat music for motivation, our 55-minute class starts with a warm-up sequence of upper-body exercises using light free weights. It’s here that we target the biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back, and core muscles.

The BarreBellas™ program is heavily based on the Pilates principles helping you to create a balanced body while being safe with many available modifications for your personal needs. Using the ballet barre we then move to exercises that focus on the thighs, gluteus, and calves. All while maintaining your elevated heart rate to maximize calorie burn. Some specialty classes called POWER BARRE are available which uses toys like the Motr and Rotation Discs, an industry first for added concentration burn. Towards the end of each class there will be a stretch sequence.

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